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        1. Hello, welcome to visit Wuxi Zheng Bin Technology Co., LTD. the official website!
          Customer service hotline:13921195689   
          Zheng Bin Technology Co., LTD.
          • The factory is committed to the research and development of the production of plate-fin radiator, electronic radiator, aluminum plate-fin radiator with high heat exchange efficiency, small volume, light weight and strong applicability and other characteristics, this kind of equipment is widely used in compressor, engineering machinery, refrigeration equipment, gas separation, wind power, vehicle engineering and other fields; The electronic radiator parts of the high-power semiconductor devices produced by our factory are suitable for ac/dc current and voltage stabilizing power sources.
          • Switching power supply, communication power supply, purification power supply, LED lights, audio equipment, amplifier circuit, automatic control instruments and other electronic products. The enterprise has obtained the independent management export right and has passed iso9001-2000 quality system certification, and has established a complete set of quality management system, to achieve the quality control of each production link.
          • Our factory have professional high temperature brazing furnace, CNC milling machine, drilling machine, punching machine and other equipment, finish machining, brazing, on the production line, good production equipment, complete testing equipment, production quality and reliable, our factory will take the management of high standards, work standards, technical standards, strictly abide by the good faith for the purpose, sincere commitment to quality is the enterprise production, the courage to take the lead in, and begins with innovation.
          Devoted to research, development and production of plate-fin radiator, electronic radiator, etc.
          Aluminum plate-fin radiator has the characteristics of high heat transfer efficiency, small volume, light weight and strong applicability
          Sales service hotline:


          Plate-fin radiator
          Tubular heat exchanger
          Plate heat exchanger
          New energy radiator
          ADD:No.8 zhangshe road, huddai town, binhu district, wuxi
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